Terms of Service

All photos are of our own work. Our website is strictly run by us and not a third party florist site or "order gatherer." We believe in the value of showcasing exactly what we do, our quality and unique approach to the world of flowers.

When and where do you deliver?

We deliver Tuesday to Friday, excluding public holidays and we are always open for Mother's Day. We are available on weekends for events and weddings.

Flowers are delivered between 1:00 - 4pm.

We cannot take requests for delivery times, as this keeps delivery affordable and this is not an "on-demand" service. Any time requests will be ignored and orders placed for days we are not open will be processed the next delivery day. Please make sure a recipient is available to accept the flowers or let us know of a safe place to leave them, as they cannot be brought back to the studio.

Please give us extra information at the time of ordering if an address or business is difficult to locate, including level and business name. Hospital deliveries must contain the ward number and also bed number if it's available. 

Can I pick up an order from the studio?

By appointment only.

What if the recipient is unavailable to accept the flowers?

We will endeavour to deliver to the recipient even if they are unavailable to receive them. Please leave us instructions if you know they cannot be reached at the time of delivery. Failed delivery attempts due to an incorrect address will incur an extra fee, and if no instructions have been given, the courier will leave it in the safest place possible. Couriers cannot bring flowers back to the studio, and a recipient must be available to collect them if there is nowhere safe to leave them..

What flowers are used to create an order?

Every morning, we scour the markets and local growers for the best premium flowers we can find. A bespoke arrangement, according to the order, will be created from the daily range with quality, passion and artistic flair.

To see more of what we do, follow our social media lerooscreates on Instagram. Please note that our pictures are examples of size and style/concept and will vary from order to order from what we have available and in season. Our photographs are only a guide of the method chosen, and as flowers are never the same, arrangements will vary, and we choose the flowers for you. Specific colours and varieties will always vary by availability and quality from the growers. Any special requests, please let us know.

I would like to enquire about my wedding. What is the process?

At Leroos, we understand how important it is to make everything perfect for your special day. We love to meet you both in person for a consultation, so we can talk about all things flowers and everything about your wedding. We love to get to know your personality, your style and anything we can to help make your day special. We also only book one wedding per week to give you the best attention to detail.

Do you have a business or corporate options available?

We sure do! Feel free to enquire, and we can discuss your needs, style, and how often we can beautify your workspace.


Refunds & Returns

At Leroos, we aim to provide the best customer service possible, giving attention to every order and customer.

Please be sure to add correct information on the order form, as Leroos will not be held responsible, however, we will liaise to work out the best outcome. Flowers will be left where convenient and safe. However, the courier must continue their run of deliveries promptly.

Please read the delivery locations carefully. We have the right to cancel any order and refund without question if an address is entered out of our zones. If flowers are requested to be delivered outside our business hours, we will deliver flowers the next available day of operation and reserve the right to not refund, as our hours are clearly stated.

Refunds will not be given to any orders made with time requests outside of our clearly stated delivery hours.

In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your order, or if any unexpected issues arise which are the fault of Leroos, we will refund your purchase in full if we are unable to come to an agreed solution. We are not liable for any order that is handled inappropriately or misplaced after it has been delivered and handed over.

We value any feedback and endeavour to continue offering a beautiful experience for everyone.

Terms of Service

We are not liable for any incorrect information given at the time of ordering. Any wrong deliveries will be dealt with as deemed the most convenient option for the courier at an incurred fee. Our hours of operation are available on our contact page. We cannot give a refund for incorrect information provided to us or if we are unable to deliver as a fault in the order from the customer. We are not liable for any deliveries without a phone number provided for the recipient in case the courier can't gain access or another delivery difficulty.

The customer understands that delivery times (as per information across the website) are 1-4pm. Requested delivery times from customers will be void, and a refund will not be granted, as these times and information are all clearly stated. The customer also understands our days of operation for delivery. Customer must make sure it is somewhere safe to leave flowers if a recipient is unavailable.

Flower varieties vary daily, as we are a seasonal florist and do not replicate an exact match of example pictures and interpreted at the discretion of the florist. These are to show an indication of value and/or size for particular arrangements. Our photos depict the theme/style and various shades where applicable. Specific colours and varieties will always vary depending on availability and quality from the growers. We display recent pictures of our work as it is made throughout our social media. Purchasing anything from our range is with an understanding of this.

Flowers need to be kept out of direct sunlight, not near air-conditioning of any kind (unusually warm) and water levels topped up and fresh. We cannot guarantee our flowers lasting the time they should if they are exposed to conditions and an environment not well-suited to flowers.  For corporate orders, we use longer-lasting blooms; however, they may fade quicker in warmer conditions. Please be mindful of where they are placed.

Flower substitutions and/or specific colours will vary from order to order.

We reserve the right to inform recipients of their sender in the case they may enquire.

Please provide the recipient's phone number so we can call if we have any problems delivering.